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As Juanda’s bank account and list of prominent friends grew during his rise, the dream team would, for the most part, stay intact, adding wives and girlfriends along the way. “She was happy for me that I had poker minimal deposit 10 ribu won that much money, but I’m not sure she fully understood that I had to risk my own money to get there or how big a deal it was to win a major tournament, ” said Juanda, whose father passed away in 1998.

Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu spent considerable time atop the all-time money list until the 2018 WSOP. He has six WSOP bracelets, made 38 final tables, and has cashed 108 times, including as 11th place finish at both the 2001 and 2015 WSOP Main Events.

In 2008 John cashed 10 times and made his first cash in an APPT event in Macau, Taipa. The most memorable of his five final table appearances that year was winning the £10, 000 World Championship NLH event at the WSOPE in London for £868, 800 ($1, 580, 096) and his fourth gold bracelet. John would cash 31 times in 2001, making 27 final table appearances and racking up five first place finishes. Another 30 cashes in 2002 included 23 final tables, six first place wins and four WSOP cashes which earned him the Tournament Champion of the Year award. One of his first place finishes was in the $1, 500 Limit Ace to Five Triple Draw event at the WSOP where John would collect $49, 620 and his first gold bracelet. The same month he won second in the $10, 000 NLH Final Five Diamond World Poker Classic and added $278, 240 to his ever growing bankroll.

The tour has grown from taking place in the Philippines and Macau to the 2018 season, which hosted events in Vietnam, the Philippines, Macau and Korea. But, the APT has also ventured away from its namesake region, with events held in London and Australia in the past. Cambodia, India and New Caledonia have also featured on the calendar in the past.

Meanwhile, Juanda and the dream team were tearing up the pro circuit, each winning a major title within a year of each other. Along the way, Juanda also won three WSOP bracelets, and somewhere in between he met Seidel, who actually is a part-owner of Java Spice. “Here I was, just graduated from college with my degree, yet I felt so stupid. ” “Even though I couldn’t really speak English, I did know that we don’t learn anything when we talk, even if it is more fun to hear ourselves, ” Juanda explained.

Peters first cash came in 2007, when he was playing at much more modest stakes than the five, six and seven-figure plus buy-ins he plays now. He’s added two more seven-figure cashes to the resume in 2019 and could very well find himself at the top of this list at some point. Always a fixture on the high roller circuit, as well a threat to win any tournament, David Peters has kept a steady climb up the all-time money list throughout the last few years. Learn how your personality can alter your game and how aggressive to play. Plus, Juanda says, sometimes when he plays poker these days, he can’t help but look around and get that feeling of been there, done that.

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He is also generous with his winnings and has put his little sister and his girlfriend through college at UCLA. By July 2011, John had placed in five tournaments and cashed twice at the WSOP making the final table both times. It was there that Juanda pocketed $367, 170 and stuck gold for the fifth time in the $10, 000 No Limit Deuce To Seven Draw World Championship. In a classic heads-up match with Phil Hellmuth, he proved why he is a force to be reckoned, with Hellmuth admitting he feared John as an opponent.

“We learn more when we pay attention and listen. And it weren’t for that early experience of trying to watch and figure people out because I had to get by, I don’t think I ever would’ve been the player I am today. ” Funny thing is, after watching others for hours that day, Juanda didn’t take a crack until weeks later –− once he’d checked out, bought, and read every poker book he could. After all, here was a guy who at 35 years young had won more than $7 million in poker tournaments in a short 10-year career. He held the No. 1 ESPN/Bluff power ranking since the day it debuted four years ago, made nearly 200 final tables and won prestigious titles along the way, all without ever once going broke (it’s a fact). Although he continues to excel at poker, John is an excellent manager of his finances and invests his money in enterprises like the Indonesian-themed restaurant called Java Spice he opened in Rowland Heights, a suburb of Los Angeles.